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Second new investment 2019: 4-roll bending machine AK-BEND AHS 2010

Akyapak AHS-2010

To roll pipe jackets with a small diameter of approx. 300 mm with low sheet thickness precisely - that was the task, when we had to invest in a new 4-roll bending machine.

After the trial rolling of sample components we decided to invest in an AHS 2010, manufactured by AK-Bend. This machine completes our production possibilities and enables us to cover a sheet thickness span from 1 mm - 45 mm to 3,000 mm sheet width in the round bending range with four round bending machines of different sizes.

First new investment 2019: Section bending machine AK-BEND APK-81

Akyapak APK-81

The expansion of our production facilities will continue in 2019 -
our first investment was in an AK-BEND APK 81 profile bending machine.

The machine has the following exemplary bending capacities:

Flat steel 100x20 (upright) tube 100x3 or angle steel 80x8.

€ 4,000.- donation for Freiraum Itzehoe e.V.

Freiraum Itzehoe e.V.

As managing director I personally support associations and other institutions which are standing out due to their versatile social commitment. Early this year I am happy to support "Freiraum Itzehoe e.V." and their work.

"In the name of all members and friends of Freiraum Itzehoe e.V. we want to thank you very much for your donation. After moving to our new headquarters last year, this donation is a big help for us and is giving us the opportunity to continue our successful cultural work for young people. Thank you!"

€ 1,000.- donation for the formula student racing team "Baltic Racing" from the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund

Baltic Racing Team Stralsund

The Formula Student Germany (FSG) is an international construction contest for students which is annually taking place since 2006. It is being hosted by the Formula Student Germany e.V. under the patronage of the association of Deutscher Ingenieure e.V and has similar rules as the formula SAE.

Every year in late summer, students from all over the world get together for 5 days at the Hockenheimring. In a formula 1 athmosphere they compete with their self constructed racing cars and show experts from commerce and industry their performance. It's the idea of the competition to work together as a team to construct and build a single-seated formula racing car and run against teams from all over the world.

But formula student is not about the fastest car, the winner will be the team with the best combination of construction, racing performance, finacial planning and sales pitch. I am happy to support the Team from Stralsund and root for them to deliver a successful season.

Successful cooperation in 2018 with AVERMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Auslieferung AVOS 2010 an Avermann

We have successfully integrated our patented OptiCut cutting system – designed for increased productivity in channel balers – into several new machines at AVERMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG.

3 units channel baler AVOS 1410
3 units channel baler AVOS 1810
1 units channel baler AVOS 2010

Additionally, one existing AVOS 1810 was retrofitted.
The photo shows delivery of a channel baler with OptiCut system, type AVOS 2010 B5, with a bale size of 1,1 x 1,1 m and large feed chute.

Investment: MITUTOYO Euro-C A9166 coordinate measuring machine


We safeguard the quality of our products!
In November 2018, we invested in a coordinate measuring machine

The following measuring areas are available:

  • X-axis = 900 mm
  • Y-axis = 1600 mm
  • Z-axis = 600 mm

  • 25.09.2018
    € 5,000.- donation for local football club FC Averlak

    FC Averlak

    Every year, we make a donation to various groups, institutions, or clubs in our region. This year, our 5,000.- € donation goes to the football club FC Averlak. Football is much more than a mere pastime – it can act as a universal language which is easily understood without words. Whatever your cultural background, the colour of your skin, or the contents of your wallet: everyone can participate.

    Football has the power to unite people into a team, overcoming cultural and social differences and strengthening social cohesion. It fosters contact on a regional level and creates mutual understanding.

    We would also like to express our admiration for the club’s active youth work, which is not limited to training junior football players. In fact, the club assumes a responsibility which transcends the sports sector.
    Developing young personalities and imparting socially relevant values such as helpfulness, honesty, a sense of responsibility etc. are of equal importance, and our donation is intended to show our appreciation for this important work.

    Investment in CNC turning center DOOSAN PUMA 700LM

    Doosan Puma 700LM

    We are happy to announce the fifth addition to our machinery this year – at the AMB trade fair in Stuttgart, we decided to invest in a
    DOOSAN PUMA 700LM heavy-duty turning center for components with a large diameter up to 900 mm and a turning length of 3,200 mm.

    A “heavyweight” at 22t, it comes equipped with driven tools for integrated drilling and milling works in one setting,
    enabling us once more to expand the range of services we offer to our clients.

    The machine will be put into service in December.

    Investment in 3-axis machining center QUASER MV 184 P

    Quaser MV 184 P

    As our fourth investment in 2018, we have purchased a compact 3-axis machining center, type QUASER MV 184 P, in order to complete
    the range of services we can offer for smaller prismatic parts up to a size of 1,200 x 600 x 610 mm.

    The machine carries a 25 kW spindle (high-performance for its class) and is also suitable for use in tool- and mold-making,
    as well as 3D-machining and hard machining.

    Investment in new CNC turning center SPINNER TC 800/85 SMCY

    Spinner TC 400

    We continuously keep our machinery up-to-date. For even more productivity and precision, we decided to invest in a new CNC turning center type TC 800/85 SMCY, made by German manufacturers SPINNER.
    In 2016, we already started working with a Spinner TC 800-110-MCY.

    For higher productivity, the machine is equipped with a counter spindle, driven tools, and a Y-axis for turning and milling work.
    A solid slanted bed with high rigidity and optimum damping capacity makes this machine ideal for precise hard and heavy-duty machining.


    • precision CNC lathe with counter spindle, C- and Y-axis, and Fanuc31i controls with conversational shop floor programming
    • slant-bed construction with hardened and ground sliding guideways
    • swing/turn diameter 800/500 mm
    • turning length 900 mm
    • travel X=460 mm, Z=900 mm, Y=-55/+65 mm
    • spindle power 28/35 kW
    • rotation speed 3.400/5.000 1/min
    • torque 930 Nm
    • 12x VDI 50 servo turret, all stations powered
    • high-pressure cooling, spindle bore 85 mm, measurement arm, and much more

    The machine will be put into service during the 39th calendar week.

    Investment in new CNC lathe TC 400-52-MC

    Spinner TC 400

    We invest in our vocational training: As a new training machine for our apprentices, we have invested in a new CNC lathe from German manufacturer SPINNER, type TC 400-52-MC.

    The machine possesses higher productivity for driven turning and milling tools.


    • precision CNC lathe with C-axis and Fanuc31i controls with conversational shop floor programming
    • slant-bed construction with hardened and ground sliding guideways
    • swing/turn diameter 400/250 mm
    • turning length 500 mm
    • travel X=200 mm, Z=515 mm
    • spindle power 23,5 kW
    • rotation speed 5.000 1/min
    • torque 150 Nm
    • 12x VDI 30 servo turret, all stations powered
    • spindle bore 52 mm, tailstock, measurement arm, and much more.

    The machine will be put into service during the 37th calendar week.

    Investing in quality assurance: FARO® Edge measurement arm

    FaroArm Edge

    Completely meeting our clients’ quality requirements is one of our enduring and elemental business objectives. In order to add another component to our quality assurance, we have invested in a mobile FARO® Edge measurement arm. Our 7-axis measurement arm has a range of 3.7 m, with a single point repeatability of 0.064 mm.

    Portable metrology is fast becoming a key term, as demands for quality seem to increase on a daily basis. There are several advantages in being able to take measurements directly on site.
    To date, the Edge is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm® in the market. It is the first-ever “smart” measuring arm, containing an integrated personal measurement assistant. With its integrated touchscreen and on-board operating system, the Edge is set to revolutionise portable metrology by independently providing basic measurement capabilities.

    Improved power, portability and reliability make the FARO Edge especially easy to operate. A FaroArm allows measuring directly on-site, e.g. on the machine tool in manufacture, or on the production floor in maintenance.
    This allows assessing the quality of single components directly on-site, without having to remove and/or transport large, heavy parts or assemblies to the measuring machine.

    Basic functions:

    • quick measuring of basic geometric characteristics
    • inspecting length- and angular dimensions
    • problem-free set up of work pieces with easy pre-defined alignment options.

    The clear advantages of mobile metrology led to our decision. Increased quality, reduced cost, raised efficiency levels: our customers will benefit from these advantages.

    Move into our new office building completed – design and manufacture now in one location

    Neuer Standort Konstruktion

    After a 7-month building period, our design team was able to move into our new office building at our manufacturing location in Eddelak. Previously, they had been based in Itzehoe.
    This means all our divisions – from design and calculation to manufacture – are now concentrated in one location, leading to shorter distances and improved communication.

    For the next three months, our colleagues from the former Itzehoe location can be reached under their old telephone numbers. The new numbers can be found in their e-mail signatures.

    We sponsor passion!

    Lucy Glöckner

    Supporting young people in turning their passion into a profession – our aim to help people reach their personal and professional goals goes far beyond offering vocational training. We are also committed to sponsoring those who follow their passion without making compromises.

    This year, we are happy to support motorbike sportswoman Lucy Glöckner – one of the few top sportswomen in this segment.

    Lucy Glöckner Racing Team
    More about Lucy:


    Lucy, we will keep our fingers crossed for the long distance championship and the IDM Superbike 1000!!

    Exclusive agreement about supplying OptiCut cutting systems


    Seit Jahren ist unser patentiertes OptiCut-Schneidsystem zur Produktivitätssteigerung im Rahmen einer Nachrüstung vorhandener Kanal-Ballenpressen erfolgreich am Markt im Einsatz.

    For years, our patented OptiCut cutting system for increased productivity, used for retrofitting existing channel balers, has been a proven success in the market.
    Lately, the OptiCut cutting system’s capabilities have also convinced a manufacturer of channel balers: After successfully commissioning a freshly-manufactured channel baler with integrated OptiCut system, we have agreed on an exclusive co-operation with AVERMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück, to provide OptiCut cutting systems for new machines. In future, new channel balers with OptiCut-System will exclusively be delivered and installed by AVERMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG.
    We will be happy to provide you with the appropriate contact details.

    More information about AVERMANN channel balers:

    Produktdatenblatt "OptiCut" von Avermann
    Karl Wrede GmbH als Exklusiv Hersteller für Avermann

    IFAT München
    Come and visit us at IFAT 2018 (14.- 18.05.2018 in Munich), to see the current OptiCut system and other innovations at the AVERMANN booth, hall B5, booth 441/540.

    We would be happy to provide you with a voucher code for your IFAT visit. Please send your ticket request to ifat@avermann.de. Your will receive your personal voucher code that you can quickly and easily redeem at the IFAT online portal www.ifat.de/tickets.
    The „Print@Home-Ticket“ allows you direct entrance to the fair at the enty, without waiting times at the entrance ticket booths.

    Expanding our manufacturing capacities – CNC bench drilling machine UNION TC 110 with tool and pallet changer

    Union T-Serie

    As in previous years, we keep investing in the ongoing expansion of our manufacturing capacities.

    Investing in a CNC bench drilling machine UNION TC 110 with tool and pallet changer enables us to carry out multi-sided machining of medium-sized components up to 4,000 kg unit weight and dimensions of 1,500 x 2,000 x 1,600 mm more effectivly and economically.

    First channel baler AVERMANN AVOS 1810 with factory-installed OptiCut cutting sytem successfully put into operation!

    Avermann Avos 1810 mit OptiCut

    Together with manufacturer AVERMANN, we measured the performance of the first factory-new AVOS 1810 that comes equipped with an OptiCut cutting system during commissioning at the client’s location:

    Compared to an AVOS 1810 of identical built, but without OptiCut cutting system, the increase in performance comes to a considerable 56% for product B12, from previous 20.2 t/h to 31.6 t/h. This means our cutting system was able to completely convince the baler manufacturer as well as the client.

    The OptiCut cutting system was able to display its advantages for new machines as well: a significant increase of the channel baler’s performance, resulting in a corresponding decrease of running times and savings on personnel- and energy cost, while also reducing maintenance cost.

    Arrange with us for a reference visit to gain a first-hand impression – you will be surprised!
    OptiCut cutting systems for channel balers – an investment that quickly pays off.

    Channel baler manufacturer AVERMANN decides on the first retrofit of a channel baler with the OptiCut cutting system

    Nachrüstung Avermann

    After retrofitting various chanel balers from different manufacturers for renowned clients like REMONDIS und ALBA in all of Germany, manufacturing company AVERMANN has commissioned us to retrofit a channel baler AVOS 1810 at a client’s location in Duisburg.

    Karl Wrede certified as pre-qualified enterprise


    As a quality-driven enterprise, we are happy to be accepted into the official directory of pre-qualified companies kept by the chamber of industry and commerce for the supplies and services sector.

    This kind of independent seal of quality allows us to demonstrate our dependability, technical knowledge and productive capacity. Clients from the public sector can be sure that we have been inspected by a reputable body, and that we will not submit a tender that has to be excluded because of faulty certification.

    praequalifiziertes unternehmen

    € 1,500.- donation to the friends‘ association of kindergarten "Sterntaler" in St. Michaelisdonn


    We are happy to use our donation for supporting the lutheran kindergarten "Sterntaler" in St. Michaelisdonn. They focus on movement, free play and physical experiences in order to foster each child’s development in the best possible way.

    Our donation will be used to provide new benches for the outdoor play area, as well as “blackboard flowers” for enhancing the fence.

    Fotos: children’s day care Sterntaler, Ev.-Luth. Landeskirche in Norddeutschland

    Kirchenkreis Dithmarschen

    Manufacturer AVERMANN decides on the OptiCut cutting system

    Kanalballenpresse für Avermann

    The success of our OptiCut cutting system for channel balers attracts increasing attention – after channel balers all over Germany have been retrofitted, manufacturing company AVERMANN from Osnabrück has taken note of the system.

    After visiting a reference facility, the manufacturer has decided on fitting a first factory-new AVOS 1810 with the OptiCut cutting system. The machine will be put into service mid-March at the client’s location in Verden. We will keep you informed about the results.

    AVERMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is keeping the familiy tradition since 1946, manufacturing high-quality special machinery and facilities in the areas of precast concrete technology and environmental technology: http://www.avermann.de/


    Our innovative cutting system "OptiCut" now adopted by Behrendt Umwelttechnik in Neumünster


    We are happy to supply Behrendt Umwelttechnik GmbH in Neumünster with our patented cutting system OptiCut. Tradition-conscious and family-owned, Behrendt is based in Northern Germany and offers innovative recycling methods and a wide range of solutions relating to waste disposal.

    Another contract for retrofitting of two channel balers with the patented OptiCut cutting system


    The Ludwig Melosch group is one of the leading environmental service providers in Germany. After successfully outfitting a channel baler at their Leipzig locaction, the have decided on retrofitting two more channel balers with our patented OptiCut cutting system.

    Successful re-certification of our quality management system in accordance with current DIN EN ISO 9001-2015


    DIN EN ISO 9001 has been revised in 2015, in order to meet the demands of the so-called High Level Structure. At the same time, there were content changes made compared to the predecessor norm dating from 2008.

    Now, there is a significantly higher emphasis on management responsibility, as well as on risk and opportunity management in the company.

    TÜV NORD CERT GmbH audited all our company divisions and issued the new certificate without any complaints.

    Successful certification for the “Safety with System” (SmS) seal of quality

    Sicher mit System

    In order to meet the high demands in the areas of safety and occupational health and safety, we have once again fulfilled the industry-specific requirements for implenting the NLF / ILO-OSH 2001 standards.

    Being successfully certified in the areas of manufacture, installation, and repairs on building sites allows us to show our expertise and create trust and security on our clients‘ side.

    The audit also proved that we implement the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007.

    Fourth new investment in 2017: SCHIESS KZ 400-450 carousel lathe


    Individual manufacture and maintenance of large components – this is what this year’s fourth investment is all about. The modernised conventional carousel lathe of the type SCHIESS KZ 400-450 can be used to machine parts with a swing diameter of up to 4,500 mm and a weight of up to 16 t, at high power and strongest stability. This means we now own one of the largest machines of its kind in Northern Germany. The machine’s strengths lie in individual manufacture and maintenance, e.g. resurfacing, facing of flanges.


    • face plate diameter 4,000 mm
    • largest swing diameter 4,500 mm
    • allowable plate load 16 t
    • max. component height 2,350 mm

    Third new investment in 2017: CNC moving column milling machine ANAYAK HVM 12000


    For better handling of medium-sized to large components, we have added a CNC moving column milling machine of the type ANAYAK HVM 12000 to our machinery. We now own the largest machine of this make in Schleswig-Holstein. Components of up to 13,000 mm length can be tooled on a fixed bench. Its t-construction provides the machine with a cross travel of 2,000 mm and a vertical travel of up to 2,400 mm. The fixed cantilever milling head guarantees high accuracy on the complete bench area – high performance when scrubbing and precision when planing.


    • CNC moving column milling machine in t-construction, column on Y-axis
    • table surface 13,000 x 3,000 mm, 10 t/m2
    • travel: longitudinal (X) 11,300 mm, cross (Y) 2.000 mm, vertical (Z) 2.400 mm
    • controlled universal head UAD
    • controls: Heidenhain iTNC 530
    • DNC connection
    • offline programming with Inventor CAM

    Second new investment in 2017: 3-axis universal lathe DMG CTX alpha 300


    Our second invetment in 2017 was aimed at the cost-effective manufacture of small components, from individual parts to small or medium series. Therefore, we invested in a 3-axis universal lathe of the type DMG CTX alpha 300 – the embodiement of universal turning on the highest level, with maximum stability and long-term precision for more productivity and better cutting performance through the use of high-tech components.


    • 3-axis universal lathe with Siemens 840 D ERGOline with shopturn
    • main spindle as integrated spindle motor 15/20 kW (100/40% ED) upt to 6,000 min-1
    • 12x revolving turret with powered tools
    • max. swing Ø over bed cover: 500 mm
    • max. turn Ø: 240 mm
    • max. component length: 335 mm

    Our innovative cutting system "OptiCut" now in operation at ALBA in Waiblingen

    ALBA have decided on installing our patented cutting system at their Waiblingen location, where a channel baler of the type "Bauer 600" will be retrofitted.


    Installation of our patented cutting system "OptiCut" at Heitmann Entsorgung

    Heitmann Entsorgung in Elmshorn is yet another client to decide on installing our patented cutting system "OptiCut" for channel balers. The system was installed in a channel baler of the type "Bauer 600".

    First new investment in 2017: semi-frontal lathe KREWEMA HFDM ZS 475 x 3000/FA


    As in previous years, in 2017 we have focused on investing in our machinery. In order to further expand our machining options, we invested in a CNC lathe made by German manufacturer KREWEMA, type HFDM ZS 475 x 3000/FA. This investment enables us to do CNC-controlled work on components with a diameter of 1,600 mm in the recess and a turning length of 3,385 mm, up to a unit weight of 6,000 kg.


    • CNC-lathe with cycle-control FAGOR 8055 TC
    • flat bed construction with hardened and ground sliding guideways and motor
    • 30 kW main spindle motor
    • Sauter 4x tool turret revolving head
    • face plate: 1,400 mm
    • max. swing-Ø in recess: 1,600 mm
    • max. turn-Ø over bed 935 mm
    • max. turn-Ø over valve plate: 620 mm
    • base distance between centers: 2,185 mm
    • distance between centers with extended bed: 3.385 mm

    € 5,000.- donation to NABU for the support of current research projects in Schleswig-Holstein


    Success should also mean assuming social responsibility and „giving back“ to the community.

    Therefore, we regularly support various groups, institutions, or clubs in our region: sharing success, practising social responsibility.
    We focus our social commtiment on supporting local institutions and clubs in Schleswig-Holstein.

    For more than 100 years, environmental organisation NABU has been active in practical ways to protect our environment, to help save the diversity of our natural flora and fauna. Our donation will support their work to protect the valuable, unique natural heritage of our “land between the seas”, and to implement a wide range of projects.

    Foto: white stork - NABU/Christoph Kasulke

    We received a DIN EN 1090-2 certificate for load-bearing constructions up to EXC3

    Überreichung TÜV Urkunde

    On the occasion of the Hannover trade fair, our company was one of the selected clients to receive a certificate from TÜV NORD in the area of renewable energy, certifying the conformity of our in-house production control.

    The certification is valid for the manufacture of load-bearing components and assemblies for steel structures up to EXC3, in accordance with DIN EN 1090-2 „Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures“, and confirms that our in-house production control fulfills all requirements described in the norm.

    This serves to continue our long and successful co-operation with TÜV NORD. At the same time, the certificate attests to our high demands on production and quality management.

    Indefinite permit for labour leasing


    Since April 13, 2017, we hold an indefinite permit to engage in labour leasing. This enables us to support you during order peaks, bringing our know-how to your location.

    You can profit from our employees’ long-standing experience. If needed, we can provide you with a complete team to carry out complex assignments.

    Our specialists for steel construction and mechanical engineering:

    • welders
    • fitters
    • cutting machine operators conventional / CNC
    • maintenance personnel

    Our patented "OptiCut" cutting system for channel balers in action



    Use this video to convince yourself of the increase in productivity and performance following the installation of our "OptiCut" cutting system.

    By now, there are more than six locactions with reference facilitys waiting for your visit.

    If you are interested, please contact Mr. Plett to arrange a reference visit:
    Telephone: +49 (0)4855 89 28 99-18, or e-mail to jan.plett@karl-wrede.com.

    "OptiCut", our patented cutting system for channel balers, now also operating in Werlte

    Klumpe GmbH is our latest client to decide on installation of our cutting system. At their Werlte location, the existing BAUER 600 channel baler with 45+22 kW axial piston pumps will be fitted with our patented "OptiCut" system.

    Once again, our patented cutting system "OptiCut" for channel balers achieves client approval

    Remondis‘ Brunsbüttel location is the latest client to decide on installation of our patented cutting system "OptiCut" for channel balers. Theirs is the fifth order from the Remondis group within a short time.
    The machine in question is a baler of the type PAAL Konti, made in 1999.

    Installation of the cutting system will happen within a 3-day period at the end of March.

    Another client convinced by our patented cutting system for channel balers


    In Lübeck, another client has decided on the installation of our patented cutting system for channel balers. The baler in question is of the type "Bauer 600", made in 1992.

    The operations manager at the Lübeck location draws the following conclusion: "From the off, we have managed to reach a 50% performance increase for collected materials".

    The patented cutting system is characterized by the following properties:

    • pressure-reduced, uniform and „smooth“ cutting sequence
    • reduction of mechanical and hydraulic stress
    • no operation times for clearing mechanism (stamper) needed

    How you can profit from the benefits of our patented cutting system:

    • considerable increase in productivity [t/h]
    • subsequent reduction of personnel cost
    • subsequent reduction of energy cost
    • reduction of maintenance cost

    The actual performance increase seen in practice leads to a recoup of the neccessary investment in a very short time.

    Let yourself be convinced after watching a modified channel baler in action during an on-site visit.
    If you are interested, please contact Mr. Plett to arrange for a reference visit:

    Tel. +49 (0)4855 89 28 99-18, or e-mail:: jan.plett@karl-wrede.com

    Locations of our reference facilities:
    Lübeck, Flensburg, Kiel, Hamburg, Ahrenshöft, Hildesheim, Schwerin, Ludwigslust

    Successful certification for the EHS management system SCC


    In order to meet the high demands in the areas of environment, health, and safety (EHS), we have introduced a safety management system in accordance with the SCC standard (Safety Certificate Contractors).

    Being successfully certified in the areas of manufacture, installation, and repairs on building sites allows us to show our expertise and create trust and security on our clients‘ side.

    € 1000.- for new football jerseys for the BSC Brusbüttel


    We are happy to donate € 1000,- for the youth football B-team of sports club BSC Brunsbüttel. The sum will be used to buy new jerseys, which will come into play on the next weekend.
    We hope the new jerseys will prove themselves lucky for the team, and will keep our fingers crossed!

    The BSC shows a special commitment to youth football, helping to give youngsters and children a joint positive experience through their love of the game.

    Photographs: BSC Brunsbüttel / Andreas Bolzen

    € 500.- donation to the volunteer fire brigade Eddelak


    We are happy to support the volunteer fire brigade in Eddelak with € 500.-.
    Founded in 1881, the volunteer fire brigade has been committed to helping people in danger, avert damages, and work for the village community.

    Aside from their active duties, the FFW Eddelak also concentrates on youth development, ensuring the ongoing training of future young firefighters.

    Photographs: volunteer fire brigade Eddelak

    Successful re-certification by TÜV Nord System GmbH


    In Julyi 2016, TÜV Nord Systems GmbH have confirmed our high quality standard.
    During a successful re-certification, our certificates for DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 3834-2, AD 2000-instruction leaflet HP0, as well as EN 1090 EXC2 norms and regulations were renewed.

    Quality management – serving us and our clients
    This re-certification documents the systematical implementation of our quality management system, from design and calculation to the production process and installation, confirming our continuous improvement process. .

    € 1,000.- donation for the youth section of the Heikendorf Yacht Club e.V.

    Yacht Club

    Our donation makes it possible to purchase a new sail for the youth boat of the Heikendorf Yacht Club.

    Since 1986, the club actively supports introducing children and young people to sailing in the optimist and Europe yawl classes. Longer voyages and short trips form part of their programme, as well as lessons in theory and knot techniques.
    Joint trips and experiences help both to strenthen a community spirit and to arouse interest in the baltic sea ecosystem.

    Photographs: Uwe Roß, R.Bechem & J. Patzke

    Jugendabteilung Segel Club

    € 2,500.- donation for Rotary Club Kiel-Düsternbrook


    We are happy to support the Rotary Club in Kiel-Düsternbrook with a donation for charitable purposes. As a business based in Schleswig-Holstein, it is especially important to us to assume responsibility in our region. With our donation, we can help the Rotary Club carry out its various charitable projects.

    More customers convinced by our patented cutting system for channel balers


    In Schwerin and Ludwigslust, two new clients have decided on the installation of our patented cutting system for channel balers. The balers in question were of the types „PAAL Konti 275 C” respectively “D“.

    The operations manager of REMONDIS Mecklenburg GmbH in Schwerin draws the following conclusion: „The operator is enthusiastic about the result of our upgrade – because of the quick throughput, he can hardly keep up with feeding the conveyor belt."

    The patented cutting system is characterized by the following properties:

    • pressure-reduced, uniform and „smooth“ cutting sequence
    • reduction of mechanical and hydraulic stress
    • no operation times for clearing mechanism (stamper) needed

    How you can profit from the benefits of our patented cutting system:
    • considerable increase in productivity [t/h]
    • subsequent reduction of personnel cost
    • subsequent reduction of energy cost
    • reduction of maintenance cost

    The actual performance increase seen in practice of 100% (channel balers with gear pumps) up to 200% (channel balers with axial piston pumps) leads to a recoup of the neccessary investment in a very short time.

    Let yourself be convinced after watching a modified channel baler in action during an on-site visit.

    If you are interested, please contact Mr. Plett to arrange for a reference visit:
    Tel. +49 (0)4855 89 28 99-18, or e-mail: jan.plett@karl-wrede.com

    Locations of reference facilities:
    Flensburg, Kiel, Hamburg, Ahrenshöft, Hildesheim, Schwerin, Ludwigslust

    € 500.- donation for the Easter lottery "lucky egg 2016" of the Rotary Clubs Brunsbüttel


    Giving a little luck for Easter is what the Easter lottery „lucky egg 2016“ is all about. This is the first such lottery organised by the Rotary Club Brunsbüttel, in order to support the parents’ association „Lebenshilfe Dithmarschen e.V.“. This organisation helps families with handicapped children who are looking for support (e.g. regular care and holiday stays), acting as a counselling point for parents regarding all kinds of problems.

    Frank Schnabel, president of Rotary Club Brunsbüttel, describes “lucky egg 2016” as „a project that not only serves to strengthen the community spirit and social commitment of our Rotary friends, but also presents a „little Easter luck“ to families with handicapped children, thus making a social contribution to the region.”

    Wir are happy to support this very special initiative with a € 500.00 donation.


    First investment 2016 - our "new colleague": precision CNC lathe SPINNER TC 800-110-MCY


    As in previous years, we continue to expand our manufacturing capacities in 2016. For even more precision and productivity, we have decided to invest in a precision turning center made by German manufacturers SPINNER, type TC 800-110-MCY.

    The machine comes equipped with driven tools and a Y-axis for turning and milling work. A solid slanted bed with high rigidity and optimum damping capacity makes this machine ideal for precise hard and heavy-duty machining.


    • precision CNC lathe with C- and Y-axis, Fanuc31i controls with conversational shop floor programming
    • slant-bed construction with hardened and ground sliding guideways
    • swing/turn diameter 800/500 mm
    • turning length 900 mm
    • travel X=460 mm, Z=900, Y=-55/+65 mm
    • spindle power 28/35 kW
    • 2-step automatic gear drive, torque 175/875 Nm
    • 12x VDI 50 servo turret, all stations powered
    • high pressure cooling, spindle bore 110 mm, tailstock, measurement arm, and much more.

    Third new investment in 2016 - turning "XXL": heavy duty lathe RAVENSBURG P28


    Successfully putting our new heavy duty lathe RAVENSBURG P28 into service has helped us to once again broaden our scope of services in the „turning work“ sector. With impressive dimensions, e.g. a face plate diameter of 3,000 mm, this machine is pre-destined for large and heavy components from the plant construction sector, like screen or oven drums, or for flange machining.


    • face plate diameter: 3,000 mm
    • turning diameter over support: 2,800 mm
    • swing diameter in pit: 5,500 mm
    • distance between centers: 7,000 mm
    • max. unit weight: 10 t at 300 mm distance of center of gravity, 20 t between centers

    Manufacturer’s qualification in accordance with DIN 2303 successfully gained


    Quality is a decisive factor in today’s competitive market. Accordingly, quality awareness is an essential performance characteristic, playing a key role in our company. Karl Wrede Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH employs a DIN EN ISO 9001-certified quality management system for manufacturing mechanically machined precision parts and welded components for mechanical engineering and plant construction.

    Due to being subject to specific static and dynamic stress, range of operation, specific security concerns, and substantial demands on reliability, military products are in need of a specially defined quality standard regarding their manufacture and maintenance.
    Based on an additional certification awarded by TÜV NORD Systems, we fulfill the quality requirements of DIN 2303, permitting us to manufacture, military products class Q1 and Q2 of component class BK1.

    Investment: new CNC press brake ERMAK SPEED-BEND 3400 with 400 t x 3,100 mm


    After successfully putting our laser cutting facility into operation in January, we continue to invest into our manufacturing capacities. Our new CNC high-speed press brake ERMAK SPEED-BEND 3400, with 400 capacity and 3,100 mm folding length with increased installation height and seven CNC-controlled axes, helps us to expand our sheet metal works department. It is our third CNC press brake, supplementing our existing press brakes with 200 t and 3,100 mm and 600 t capacity and 6.000 mm folding length respectively.

    Our clients profit from manufactured components of the highest quality, with the CNC machine technology ensuring lower unit costs.

    We offer contract manufacturing under one roof, from a simple edge part to complex assemblies – including mechanical machining and coating.

    Patent granted for channel baler with optimised expansion room


    By now, various channel balers manufactured by "PAAL" and "Bauer" have been upgraded with our „optimised cutting system“, leading to a considerable increase in productivity of the pressing power [t/h] of 50% or more – e.g. B19 with a PAAL Konti 425 C (2x 45 kW, made in 1997) from 10 t/h to 15 t/h, or B12 with PAAL Konti 600 (3x 55 kW, made in 2012) from 26 t/h to 70 t/h.

    In the mean time, this innovative invention has been recognized by granting the German patent Nr. 10 2012 021 153 with the description "channel balers with optimised expansion room".

    How you can profit from the economical and technical benefits of our invention:

    • considerable productivity increase of your channel baler
    • reduction of energy cost (less operation time for identical throughput)
    • reduction of personnel cost (less operation time for identical throughput)
    • reduction of maintenance cost by reducing the cutting force, leading to less stress on the hydraulics system and mechanical components
    Or use our upgrade for additional performance and gain capacity for extra orders!
    Mr. Plett will be pleased to make himself available for a consultation. please click Kontakt for his contact details.

    Investment in new laser cutting machine


    We continue expanding our manufacturing capacities in 2015. Our new 2D laser cutter ZAPHIRO® belongs to Prima Power’s high-end segment and comes with the latest linear drives and an automatic nozzle exchange for increased productivity. With a combination of speed, economy, and flexibility, our ZAPHIRO® is the perfect machine for the productive cutting of a wide range of materials.


    • working area X: 3,048 mm Y: 1,524 mm Z: 150 mm
    • CO2 laser with 4 kW: broad range of diffent materials and thicknesses from 0,5 to 25 mm
    • linear drives enable high travel speeds of up to 240 m/min
    • automatic pallet exchange: ecternal loading and unloading station with second pallet
    • automatic nozzle exchange
    • machine base of polymer concrete leads to best possible temperature stability, vibration damping and accessibility

    Increased productivity – shorter programming times – reduction of manufacturing cost – improved process safety


    These were the decisive criteria for our investment in the CAM system InventorCAM. InventorCAM is the leading CAM software with its own unique, patented iMachining module. It is seamlessly integrated with our CAD software Autodesk Inventor, comprehensively linking the tool paths to the Inventor 3D model. Our clients profit from impressive savings in time and improved efficiency in CNC milling and turning work.

    Beneftis of iMachining by InventorCAM:

    • shortens turnaround time by up to 70%
    • increases tool life by a factor of 2 to 3
    • increases productivity
    • easily masters hard materials
    • convincing when using small tools
    • supports multi-sided machining and turn milling
    • improves the productivity of NC programming
    • patented "controlled lateral delivery" for constant tool pressure, without load peaks bearing on the tool
    • exact disposal of material remains – avoids air cuts and unnecessary retraction movements
    • supports scrubbing and fine planing
    • unique technology assistant will automatically calculate the best infeed rates and rotation speeds.

    Another expansion of our machinery: Putting the DMU 100 P duoBLOCK into service

    DMU 100 P duoBLOCK

    This 5-axis machine, employing the highly stable duoBLOCK® structure, combines maximum precision with high performance. This is based on the innovative 3rd generation duoBLOCK® with increased travel and higer table load – maximum work space with minimum space requirements for 5-simultaneous and multi-sided machining.

    Technical data:

    • travel: x/x/z: 1000/1000/1000
    • work piece unit weight: max. 2,000 kg
    • tool magazine: 60 slots
    • milling spindle: 12,000 rpm HSK100
    • controlling: 3D-contouring control; iTNC 530
    • infrared measuring gauge: Heidenhain TS 649
    • tool calibration: Blum laser

    Investment in additional 3-roll bending roll machine

    3-Walzen-Rundbiegemaschine vom Typ EMO 35-60, SERTOM

    After ordering our new press brake, our continuing readyness to invest has led us to order a 3-roll bending roll machine of the type EMO 35-60, which has been completely overhauled by manufacturer SERTOM. The machine comes completely equipped for productive work, with hydraulic side- and central support. It is Schleswig-Holstein’s second-largest bending roll machine, underlining our objective of becoming the service provider with Schleswig-Holsteins most comprehensive range of services in the sectors of steel and plant construction and mechanical engineering.

    Technical data:

    • upper roll length: 3,550 mm
    • upper roll diameter: 680 mm
    • weight: 70,000 kg
    • dimensions: 8.0x3.6x3.2 m

    Bending capacity (S235, bending phase):

    • max. width of sheet metal 3,500 mm
    • max. thickness of sheet metal 1.5 x upper roll diameter: 70 mm
    • max. thickness 5 x upper roll diameter: 80 mm

    Expected delivery date is canlendar week 25/2014.

    Investment in additional press brake

    ERMAK Abkantpresse des Typs SPEED-BEND 3.100-220

    The next building block in continuously expanding and modernising our machinery is the purchase as a replacement investment of a new ERMAK press brake, type SPEED-BEND 3100-220, with 3,100 mm working width and 220 to pressing capacity – the ideal supplement to our existing CNC-controlled press brake with 6 m working width and 600 to pressing capacity.
    The machine in question is a high-speed press brake with enlarged installation height, increased cylinder stroke and faster travel speeds. CNC-crowning and 6 controlled axes, combined with the up-to-date DELEM 66 T TouchScreen-controls, ensure effective and precise results.

    Expected delivery is in calendar week 23/2014.

    Electromobility – a „current“ topic

    Unser klimafreundlicher Fuhrpark: der neue RENAULT ZOE

    There has been a climate-friendly addition to our vehicle fleet: a RENAULT ZOE – 100% electric and 100% fit for everyday use. With electricity from renewable sources – such as what we obain exclusively from LichtBlick - electromobility plays a sustainable part in reducing CO2 emissions.

    Successful re-certification in accordance with AD 2000-instruction leaflet HP 0

    In order to increase our scope of services, we have successfully completed the certification, carried out by TÜV NORD Systems GmbH, for manufacturers of pressure vessels in accordance with the AD 2000 regulations.

    Successful re-certification DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 EXE 2

    We have successfully completed the re-certification in accordance with norms DIN EN ISO 3834-2: "Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials" - part 2: "comprehensive quality requirements", and DIN EN 1090-2: "Technical regulations for the execution of steel structures“ for the execution class EXE 2.

    Investment in high performance automatic sawing machine

    Hochleistungsbandsägeautomat vom Typ Kaltenbach KBR 350

    For increased productivity in sawing, we have supplemented our existing saws with a high performance bandsaw machine of the type Kaltenbach KBR 350 for diameters up to 350 mm. Additionally, our automatic band saws with diameters up toD=700 mm (round) and 700x410 mm (square) respectively are available for larger dimensions.

    Investment in Northern Germany’s largest heavy-duty lathe

    Over 100 t total weight, a face plate with 4,400 mm diameter, a turning length of 22 m and 20 t maximum work piece weight; these impressive basic parameters refer to our latest investment: a completely overhauled WMW heavy duty lathe DP 4000/5000 x 22,000 – making it the largest of its kind in Northern Germany. The machine is exceptionally suitable for machining large flange- and tube-shaped components, such as annealing drums or similar.

    Due to the necessary extensive foundation work, we plan to put the machine into service in calender week 30/2014.

    Heavy-duty lathe now in operation

    For heavy machining in the manufacture of individual parts and for repair assignments: our new heavy-duty lathe Wohlenberg W 57 V / 700 has now been put into service and is well prepared for upcoming assignments.

    Technical data:

    • swing over bed 1,420 mm
    • distance between centers 4,850 mm
    • swing in gap 1,880 mm

    Investment in carousel lathe

    Expanding our manufacturing possibilities and our range of services is one of our central business objectives.
    We invested in a carousel lathe of the type DK 1200 by Jungenthal with a max. turning diameter of 1,400 mm, in order to expand our machining department. This type of machine is ideal for repairs to pump housings and other components of engines and machines.

    € 1,500.- donation for children’s day care facility

    With this additional donation, we support the catholic day care facility St. Ansgar to enable the purchase of a new play equipment.

    Successful DIN EN ISO 9001 - Certification

    Exemplary quality and entrepreneurial responsibility form the basic cornerstones for our business principles. Not only do we practice the highest quality demands in-house, we also face up to independent external verification of quality and safety. We have implemented a process-orientated quality management system based on the new standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. This norm defines standard requirements for operational processes which form a benchmark for unconditional quality assurance. Our quality management system is certified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH.

    5.000.- donation for the Förderverein Hospiz Rendsburg e.V.

    In a society based on social and market economic principles, enterprises are under the obligation to assume corporate social responsibility. We wished to fulfill this responsibility and donated € 5000.00 to support and acknowledge the socially valuable hospice work in Rendsburg.

    Investment in automated shelf tower storage system KASTO UNITOWER C

    automatisiertes Turmlager KASTO UNITOWER C

    Investment in automated shelf tower storage system KASTO UNITOWER C
    For more effectiveness, neatness, cleanliness and safety we invested in the automated shelf tower storage system UNITOWER C manufactured by KASTO with a height of 7 m and more than 40 storage slots for stocking small, medium and large sheets. An additional column-mounted slewing crane with vacuum lifter serves to complete the newly installed storage system.

    Investment in CNC bed-type milling machine

    The continued expansion of our machinery is proceeding – our latest investment, a CNC bed-type milling machine CME BF-700, was put into operation. The machine is equipped with a controlled HV head – 5 axes allow for for multi-sided machining in one setting.

    Travel and table load:
    X = 4,200 mm, Y = 1,500 mm, Z = 1,500 mm, 11,500 kg

    Investment in double mitre-cut bandsaw

    CNC-gesteuerter 2-Säulen-Doppelgehrungs-Bandsägeautomaten  MEBAeco 410 DGA-2300

    In order to increase our productivity in the area of cutting structural steel sections we invested in a new CNC dual column double mitre bandsaw MEBAeco 410 DGA-2300.

    Cutting capacity:
    90°: 700 x 410 mm
    45° right: 500 x 410 mm
    30°: 320 x 410 mm


    Our company offers the newly developed OptiCut cutting system (patent has been applied for) as a retrofit kit for existing channel balers. This innovative cutting system allows an increase in productivity by up to 270% compared to conventional cutting systems supplied directly from the factory – as documented by manufacturer of channel balers! Ask for our brochures or contact us to arrange a reference visit and watch an already existing modified channel baler in action – let yourself be convinced!


    Our company’s occupational safety management system was successfully certified in accordance with the guidelines of NLF / ILO-OSH 2001 of the International Labour Organization (ILO, UN organisation for occupational safety and health ). The guidelines are recognized globally and have been implemented largely identical in content in Germany in the national guidelines for industrial safety management systems.